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Global accelerator program for kids aged 9-14
runs from November 4th - December 10th 2022
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Imagine the world in 2035...

The world population is expected to be close to 9 billion. Nearly 70% of these people will be living in urban areas. What does the future hold? Due to climate change the winters will be colder and the summers will be hotter everywhere. Technology is omnipresent. It is part of everything we do.

But what does this mean for us? What will our future homes be like? How will we be commuting? How will we be communicating with each other? What will we be eating and where does our food come from? How will we be learning and what are the schools like?

We invite you to Vista Future Perfect Cities chapter – to imagine, design and prototype the better living environment of the future.

VIVITA will provide trainings, workshops, studio space, equipment and mentoring. Our global pool of mentors will guide the participants through the 6 weeks from the start until they have refined and developed their ideas, to be produced into prototypes for the future perfect city.

The sessions will take place physically in VIVITA studios across the world and online.

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what is vista?

Kids prototyping and brainstorming
VIVITA Vista is a global accelerator program made for kids in order to help them embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, the necessary digital competences and prototyping skills.

During the 6-week program, children have the opportunity to develop a working prototype of their idea – be it a product or a service. 

Program includes various prototyping and creative problem solving workshops and games, where many global experts from various fields are involved in the program as mentors and advisors.
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Are you ready to apply?

If you are 9-14 years old and you have a revolutionary idea to change the world, your city, or even your home for the better, submit it to the Vista programme! You can submit the idea in a team of up to 3 members.

25 most innovative ideas will be selected for this batch of Vista programme.
For participating, please record a 2 minute video where your team talks about the idea.
Apply here

5th of October

Applications open

In October

Preparatory Idea Machine Workshops

17th of October

Applications close

21th of October

Selection of participating teams

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What will happen
during the 6 weeks?

Get to know the 2022 teams
Week 1
–––––    Nov 4-5
Assemble your team, or aboard solo! Kick start your VISTA journey with specialised mentors who will guide your path to generate, ideate and iterate. Bring your idea-fuel and prep the engine… things are about to get epic!
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Week 3
–––––    Nov 18-19
Wow, you made something epic! Perhaps it’s different than you’d imagine, perhaps it’s even better. Let’s put it to the test for some preliminary trials. What works? What doesn’t? How can we move toward inspired alterations?
Week 6
–––––   Dec 9-10
As we make the descent from our trip around the stars, with our invention in tow and comrades by our side, touch-down commences with an audience of supporters and loved ones. It’s time to showcase all of your hard work. From what was once aimless thoughts, comes the fruition of persistence, resilience and true VIVITA innovation.
Week 5
–––––    Dec 2-3
test II
The end is in sight! Before you show the world what you’re truly made of, let’s test out that design one more time. Can anything be mended? Are all facets intact? Ask your mentor every question. Ask your loved ones if they like what you’ve done. Ask yourself whether this is the design that reflects your potential.
Week 4
–––––    Nov 24-25
develop II
You’ve been hit with a comet of creativity! A constellation of inspiration! Testing your invention has given you some awesome ideas about how to improve your product. Remember, you're not alone. Allow our crew to assist in sifting through the innovative madness at play in your mind, and fine tune your product for the final time.
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Week 2
–––––    Nov 11-12
So you have a plan? Great! Now let’s make it real.
Lift-off has been initiated, momentum is stirring. Infuse curiosity into each aspect of your design, question everything, and build something mindful, meaningful and magical
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until Vista Global Chapter 

Frequently asked questions

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Who will be accepted to the programme?
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Any VIVINAUT from the participating country can take part of the Vista Global Chapter. Participating countries for this chapter are: Estonia, Lithuania, Japan (Kanazawa), Philippines and New Zealand.

Where and when does the programme take place?
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The programme will kick off on the 4th of November, with sessions running for six consecutive weeks ending with a Demo Day on the 10th of December. The participants are expected to be available on Friday evenings and full days on Saturdays to participate this program.

Most sessions will take place at your local VIVISTOP or some inspiring locations around your area.

Can I participate alone?
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While participating alone is OK, we believe team work makes the dream work. Finding a team member would not only make your job easier, it would be also so much more fun! Ask your Crew if there are other VIVINAUTS potentially interested in joining your team or share your idea.

I want to participate but I don’t have an idea in mind. Where do I start from?
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For this purpose each VIVISTOP will be running a special ‘Idea Machine’ workshop, that are designed to help you in finding an idea that you care and are passionate about. Ask your Crew when are the workshops happening at your studio

Does my idea need to be realistic?
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At VIVITA be believe in ideas with no limits – if you believe you can make it, if it will help to drive a true change in your community, then this is realistic enough.

In which countries does the programme run?
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During this chapter the programme will in Estonia, Lithuania, Japan (Kanazawa), Philippines and New Zealand. As this is a Global programme you will be able to hear and see what other teams are doing, how they are progressing and even get mentoring from some of the global mentors!

What will happen during the programme?
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Our six weeks programme is divided into five parts: Plan, Discover, Develop, Test, Launch. In planning and discovery phase, you will learn how to find out more insights about your idea and how to plan out the next weeks of the program. During the develop and test stage, you will be developing your prototype and testing the idea with potential users. The program will end with idea launch, where you will learn how to pitch your idea and showcase our final prototype.

What will happen after the programme?
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The six weeks program is there to help you to discover if you are passionate about developing this idea further. If yes, then your VIVISTOP and our our pool of mentors are able to help you to continue your journey. If not, then this is OK as well! You have just learned how to bring any idea to a working prototype, so why not start a off a new project from scratch.

VISTA program Mentors and experts

Picture of Mari-Liis Lind. Businesswoman smiling to the camera
Mari-Liis Lind
Co-founder @ Vivita
Picture of Taizo Son
Taizo Son
Co-founder @ Vivita
Picture of Kadri
Kadri Uljas
Co-Founder @ Vivita Aotearoa
Picture of Gabe
Gabe Mercado
Co-founder @ Vivita Philippines
Picture of Kipras
Kipras Šumskas
Co-founder @ Vivita Lithuania
Picture of Ieva
Ieva Ščervianinaitė
Co-founder @ VIVITA Lithuania
Picture of Ayumi
Ayumi Ono
Producer & Communicator @ Vivita
Picture of Carlo
Carlo Vanzan
Kitchen Scientist @ Vivita & Chef @ Fotografiska Tallinn
Picture of Indre
Indrė Naujokienė
Co-founder @ VIVITA Lithuania
Picture of Teele
Teele Kumm
Service Designer @ Vivita
Picture of Ieva
Ieva Marija Matulionytė
Co-founder @ VIVITA Lithuania
Picture of Joonas
Joonas Riisalu
Product Designer @ Vivita
Picture of Sven
Sven Sõrmus
Product Designer & Partner @ Iseasi
Picture of Edward
Edward Barclay
Engineer @ Vivita
Picture of Sigrid
Sigrid Kägi
Partnerships @ Vivita
Picture of Bunsuke
Bunsuke Kawasaki
Environment Designer & Communicator @ Vivita
Picture of Kaidi
Kaidi Marii Kütt
Graphic Designer @ Vivita
Picture of Robert
Robert Männa
Product Designer @ Iseasi
Picture of Lukas
Lukas Žioba
Mentor @ Vivita
Picture of Veronika
Veronika Guželytė
Mentor @ Vivita
Picture of Ljudmilla
Ljudmilla Ojavere
Free Flow Manager @ Vivita Estonia
Picture of Alaina
Alaina Pitt
Community Catalyst @ Vivita
Picture of Martin
Martin Pärn
CEO & Product Designer @ Iseasi
Picture of James
James Daly
Producer @ Vivita
Picture of Anette
Anette-Heleri Lind
Community Manager @ Vivita
Photo of Candy
Candy Alipio
Creative Director @ Vivita
Picture of Fumio
Fumio Yamamori
Engineer @ Vivita
Picture of Janno
Janno Nõu
Product Designer @ Iseasi
Picture of Kaoru
Kaoru Masedo
Designer @ Vivita
Picture of Laura
Laura Scatchard
Producer @ Vivita
Picture of Tasaaki
Takaaki Kotera
Producer & Fabricator @ Vivita
Picture of Mari
Mari Hunt
Architect & Co-founder @ b210 architects
Picture of Bobby
Bobby Lloyd
Co-founder & CEO @ Reusabowl
Picture of Greg
Greg Low
Co-founder & COO @ Reusabowl
Picture of Jean-Marc
Jean-Marc Salsa
Tech Lead @ Vivita
Picture of Merit
Merit Valdsalu
CEO & Co-founder @ Single.Earth
Picture of Peeter
Peeter Pihel
Head Chef & Co-Founder @ Fotografiska Tallinn
Picture of Siim
Siim Karro
Co-founder @ MyCeen
Picture of Phil
Phil Smithson
CEO & Design Thinking Consultant & UX Consultant @ On-Off Group
Picture of Erik
Erik Zydervelt
CEO & Co-founder @ Mevo
Picture of Ede
Ede Schank Tamkivi
Co-founder @ Eesti 2.0, Kood/Jõhvi & Product Manager @ Vabamu
Picture of Rasmus.
Rasmus Rask
CEO & Co-founder @ La Muu & Co-founder @ Uuskasutuskeskus
Photo of Christina
Christina Houlihan
Co-founder @ B.Spkl
Photo of Katrin
Katrin Arvisto
Communication Manager @ Heateo Sihtasutus
Photo of Danella
Danella Yujuico Yaptinchay
Founder @ The Secret Sauce
Picture of Siim
Siim Ilves
Software lead @ Solaride
Picture of L-J
L-J Douch
Product Designer @ Vivita
Photo of Märten
Märten Kala
Founder & Physical Product Magician @ Others
Picture of Luke
Luke Ball
Producer @ Vivita
Picture of Rasmus
Rasmus Riim
CEO @ Drycycle
Photo of Jérôme
Jérôme Leveneur
Co-founder @ B.Spkl
Picture of Karoline
Karolin Kägi
Vista Alumnus & Founder @ Mastermind
Photo of Diane
Diane Dugan-Eustaquio
Startup Enabler
Photo of Shadoe
Shadoe Stone
Founder and Storyteller @ Five and Dime
Photo of Anna Marin
Anna Marin Mõttus
Business Analyst @ Elisa Eesti
Photo of Helene
Helene Malandain
Strategist & Activator @ Five and Dime
Photo of Rainer
Rainer Sternfeld
Managing Partner @ NordicNinja
Photo of Abbie
Abbie McKoy
Community Engagement and Partnerships Manager @ Kāinga Ora
Picture of Ave
Ave Habakuk
Public Sector Innovation Team of Estonia
Photo of Laura
Laura Nixon
Founder and CEO @ Solid
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Vera Naydenova
Social Designer @ Vivita
Photo of Richard
Richard Heaps
Founder and CEO @ Power Trip
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Carl-Robert Reidolf
Development Team Lead @ Net Group
Photo of Agnes
Agnes Tan
Engineer @ Vivita Philippines
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Liisi Kirch
Financial literacy coordinator @ Estonian Ministry of Finance
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Heikko Ellermaa
Drones and Tinkering @ Vivita
Photo of Nina
Nina Longid
Mentor @ Vivita Philippines
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Kaili Kallas
Board Member @ Brandmanual
Photo of Denis
Denis Orlenok
Industrial Designer @ Desdorp
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Ranno Päi
Co-Founder & Designer @ BrandNew
Photo of Deividas
Deividas Juozulynas
Service Designer @ Desdorp
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Margus Holland
Head of Digital Banking @ LHV
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Liis Lepik
Customer Growth Manager @ LHV
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Herkko Sõber
Videograph in Residence @ Vivita
Photo of Ignas
Ignas Uogintas
Architect @ DO Architects
Photo of cute little chiuhuahua
Chief Happiness Officer & Food Tester @ Vivita

the program is launched by vivita

We are a global community of creativity accelerators and curious creators. Our mission is to empower children with the confidence to imagine and the skills to create the future. We believe creativity is the cornerstone for the future generation of innovators, founders and impact makers. For this VIVITA develops experiences, services and products that help children obtain the skillset, toolset and mindset for innovation, creative thinking, and entrepreneurship.

In 2022 we are running the first global and the 3rd batch of VIVITA Vista programme with the focus topic of Future Perfect Cities. VIVITA Vista programme runs concurrently in our innovation studios (aka Vivistops) in Estonia, Japan, Lithuania, New Zealand and the Philippines.

More information:
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