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Photo of Kipras

Kipras envisions a VR experience of Vilnius Old Town, where you can have interesting VR experiences in the area.

Photo of Saaya

Japan is a homogenous nation and not quite “global”. Saaya hopes future to be the place with real “diversity”, but she believes this won’t be changed unless we do something to change it.

Photo of Amelia

Amelia wants to bring awareness to the harm caused to the LGBTQIA+ community by creating a digital platform to share information, personal stories and relevant events being held in a persons area.

Photo of Kazimieras

Kazimieras is working on a thermos that could reheat food/drinks mechanically, using a handle.

Photo of team RED energy

Catherine & Hamish want to create a reliable source of renewable energy.

Photo of team One Ninety Five

Founder of Pronounced and professor of 20 years, Mary Amato has been widely recognized as a leading innovator in education.

Photo of cat lovers

Chloe, Zion & Renz are trying lessen or prevent online stalking in order to protect a person’s privacy.

Photo of Lumi

Known best for her work on Selma and When They See Us, director Ava DuVernay is leading conversations about race and equality in America.

Photo of Sofija

Sofija wants to create a small capsule house that you could take into the wild.

Photo of team ocean

Eloise, Corynne & Vanessa want to save the whales by creating a “trash-sucker” that blends in with the ocean so that sea animals won’t eat trash.

Photo of Lumi
Photo of Trinaya

Trinaya's goal is to reuse plastic more into a way it is not harmful to the environment as much.

Photo of Mio

Mio wants to make drones that moves just like insects.

Photo of Lumi

Lumi wants people not to

throw trash on the ground.

Photo of Markus

Markus's idea solves the problem of the globally growing trend of loneliness - and the natural desire to take care of someone and to be taken care of. Plus it also supports mental health and secureness.

Photo of team palgaes

Mazzi, Keach & Rhey want to create an alternative solution to depleting fossil fuel sources and increasing fuel prices. We want to look into creating biofuel from algae and seawater.

Photo of team JALN

Johan, Aurora, Liisa and Norma want to build a bicycle which can be used for charging whatever small electronic device (e.g. smartphone) while riding the bike.

Photo of Jonas

Actor, producer, and director of the critically acclaimed film Booksmart, Olivia Wilde is a prominent voice for gender equality in the film industry.

Photo of team Tiny Homes

Ileané & Surya want to reduce homelessness with the use of tiny homes

This year we focus on
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Vivita Vista Global focuses this year more on 5 topics of UN Sustainable Development Goals,
trying to make our cities better for the future.
People & Communities
Mobility & Transport
Living Spaces

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