From idea to

From idea to prototype

Global accelerator program for kids aged 9-18
runs from November 4th - December 10th 2022

what is vista?

Kids prototyping and brainstorming
VIVITA Vista is a global accelerator program made for kids in order to help them embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, the necessary digital competences and prototyping skills.

During the program, children have the opportunity to develop a working prototype of their idea – be it a product or a service. 

Program includes various prototyping and creative problem solving workshops and games, where many global experts from various fields are involved in the program as mentors and advisors.
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the program is launched by vivita

We are a global community of creativity accelerators and curious creators. Our mission is to empower children with the confidence to imagine and the skills to create the future. We believe creativity is the cornerstone for the future generation of innovators, founders and impact makers. For this VIVITA develops experiences, services and products that help children obtain the skillset, toolset and mindset for innovation, creative thinking, and entrepreneurship.

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