Picture of Playful Struggles card game, hand holding cards
Picture of Playful Struggles card game
Picture of Playful Struggles card game, one card on the top


Prototyping tool that empowers creative minds to transform their ideas into reality.
Introducing Vivita's Playful Struggles cards, born from global collective wisdom of children. Perfect for young change-makers and curious creators of all ages, these cards ease you through the design thinking process, whether brainstorming, planning, or prototyping.

Explore creativity with 6 mindset cards, 42 question cards, and 18 bonus cards for enhanced collaboration. Each draw is a new adventure, solo or with friends. You set the pace, you make the rules. There are no mistakes, only stepping stones to brilliance. The more you play, the better your become at creative problem-solving.

Why wait? Order your Playful Struggles cards now and transform challenges into opportunities for innovation!