About us

Who we are?

Vivita is a creativity accelerator and global community of curious innovators and creators that equip youths with 21st century skills, providing them with an environment that cultivates fearless exploration.

What We Do?

We support all children’s ideas and want to help transform them into real skills through the expertise of our global network of experts and changemakers.

We believe in cultivating 21st Century skill sets in all children and encourage them to be playful creators. Children need to be better equipped with the necessary skill sets, critical thinking skills and learner agency that will allow them to respond to an ever evolving future and participate meaningfully in a shifting society.

We believe education is a right, not a privilege.

Our mission

To Provide A Creative Learning Environment For Children

We provide open creativity studios / maker spaces equipped with modern creative tools and inspirational materials. Vivita provides all the children free access to such environment regardless of their background.

To Develop 21st-Century Creative Tools And Platform

Tools enhance not only our physical capability but also our perception, idea, and mind. We develop open software and hardware ecosystems to enhance children's creativity.

To Build A Global Community Of Creative Children

We are a community that transforms children's inspirations into real skills. We support children in turning their ideas into reality by making the most of our global expert network.

We Advocate STEAM For Human Autonomy

It is especially important for us to regain the joy and power of "making things" in our hands to live a human life unconstrained by anything. Vivita empowers children to create anything by themselves by taking advantage of new arts and technologies.